our mission


After Olohe Solomon Kaihewalu passed away the senior ranking black belts held a meeting in Orange, CA

We formed the Lua Halau O Kaihewalu Martial Arts Association to allow Olohe's family Lua to move forward as was his lifes mission.  Olohe wanted his Family Lua to continue on and to be shared with the world.  (This is not Kapu Ku'ialua which belongs to Hawaii and we do not represent Kapu Ku'ialua!)

We work in coordination with the Kaihewalu family and represent their best interest.  Please direct all questions to us regarding Lua Halau O Kaihewalu so we can get you the information you require.  There may be other Authorized individuals who can teach Lua but they may not be part of our Association.

Our Board of High Ranking Black belts and the original Higest Ranking Black Belts Kumu Lua Ron Burns and Kumu Lua Greg Shaner are Joined with several other high ranking black belts from around the world to form this important Association for the support of Lua Halau O Kaihewalu Lua.