Kapu Ku'ialua

Hawaiian Kapu Ku'ialua is only taught in Hawaii.  The Hawaiian Lua is Kapu which is forbidden to be taught outside of Hawaii.








For many years now, the Hawaiian martial art of Lua has been kept a secret and searching to find an authentic ‘Ōlohe (Master) or Kumu (instructor) is a never-ending challenge.  Historians of true Hawaiian culture will tell you that only the Hawaiian’s who were related to royalty through their family bloodline were instructed in this ancient art, which to this day under old Hawaiian Kingdom Law is forbidden (Kapu) to be taught, especially to those who are non-Hawaiian.  There are many who claim to be ‘Ōlohe’s and Kumu’s of Hawaiian Lua, but only their heritage, family bloodline, and relations to royalty to this Kapu art form is the proof needed to be hold the title of ‘Ōlohe or Kumu of Hawaiian Lua. 


As a descendant of Hawaiian Royalty on his mother’s side of his family, ‘Ōlohe Solomon Kaihewalu was taught the family art of Kaihewalu Lua by both his father and his mother.  After many years of training and when the time was right, he carefully started to introduce and reveal this art so as not to offend the elders, while at the same time trying to make sure that the elders understood what he was trying to accomplish by promoting his family art.  He was the first to break the “seed” and introduce the martial art of Kaihewalu Hawaiian Lua in 1963 to non-Hawaiians while stationed at a U.S. Air Force Base in Colorado. Today, his family art is taught world wide and has finally been accepted by his fellow Hawaiians.


In this book you will be introduced to a brief history of the Kapu (forbidden) Hawaiian art of Lua, and techniques that have been taken from the Kaihewalu Lua system, which include hand and feet techniques along with some of the more unique weapons that are used in this family martial art known as Kaihewalu ‘Ohana Lua.